Why no Headphones?


Photo Courtesy of snopes.com

By Marco Castro, Writer

Two months have passed since the beginning of the school year. All the staff and students have been acquainted with their previous surroundings once again, allowing the school to progress.  However there has been one new rule looming over the school from the start of the school year. Our Superintendent has decreed that headphones are not permitted whatsoever from the start to end of the school-day. There are those who agree with the ruling and those who do not; each side supports their opinions of the topic on the basis of fact and personal emotions.

Headphones should not be seen as unnecessary. They are tools that allow a person to enjoy music or hear the audio in videos while others that surround the person do not have to be distracted by that sound. The ruling does not allow headphones to be in sight, let alone be used. Not when a test is finished and a student is allowed free time. Not in the hallways when nothing is occurring. Not in lunch when students are allotted personal time to relax from the pressure of school throughout the day. Some students believe that the music that they listen to can help give inspiration or even focus them on a topic. They allow a person to relax in situations they deem stressful and these benefits cause students to ask, “Why no headphones?”

This rule was created because headphones can be distracting in a learning environment. Unlike phones, which are purely visual, headphones are distracting from what you hear, which can be important when a teacher is giving instruction in a class. They can stop student from listening to announcements, staff, and a variety of other things. Headphones have the power to hinder a student’s educational progress which contradicts the main purpose of being in a school.
In reality, headphones can be helpful, but should only be used if a person is responsible enough to realize when it is most appropriate to utilize them. The ruling would be most effective if they were only banned from a classroom, unless permitted by a teacher, allowing the students to progress in education and relax when they have time.