A Season in Review: The 2015 Boro Football Team


photo courtesy of shoresportsnetwork.com

Mitch Mackesy, Sports Writer

The 2015 varsity football team faced more adversity coming into the season, just like the 2014 team. Doubt, a lack of upperclassmen, and a poor rating to begin the season. However, the team has worked against adversity before, and looked to show what they were capable of for another season.

The season started off on the right foot. The team was able to gain a win against cross-town rivals, Freehold Township, by the score of 28-14. After that, the team never started a streak, and wound up with a 2-2 record by October 2nd. They took a tough loss against Howell 25-22 and took home another win against Middletown North, 26-20. The team later took another loss. This time being shut out by Raritan, 34-0. After that, something clicked for the team. They were able to string together four straight wins, which led to a 6-2 record, before facing off against the #1 seed in NJ, and division rivals Middletown South.

The game against Middletown South meant a lot to the team. It was a game, that if they win, they would be able to show their true ability, and how scary of an opponent they really could be. When the game came around, the team was ready, and hungry for the game against Middletown South. Although the game started off on the right note, with Freehold jumping out to an early 7-0 lead, the game slowly went downhill for them. The game got away from Boro, and Middletown South took full advantage. The game ended in a blowout, and Boro lost the game 38-7. Even though the team took a tough loss, they got some exciting news. They were going to be playing Allentown in the Central Jersey Group IV playoff bracket. Also, the team was to be broadcasted on Asbury Park Press’s distinguished show APP Red Zone Road Show, along with an article written about them, and put onto the Asbury Park Press website. This gave the team, and the school a lot of hype, and were ready to play against Allentown.

When the game came around, the anticipation was through the roof. This was the first time Boro had so much to play for. The team only needed two more victories to play for a sectional championship, at Rutgers’s stadium. The game was electric, and was going well for Freehold, until the tables turned. After a crucial missed field goal by Boro, Allentown took full advantage. Two plays later, the game was tied up heading into the fourth quarter. After a key fumble by Boro, Allentown worked its way down the field again, and made a key field goal to take a 10-7 lead. Boro was never able to get a win, and the season ended in the blink of an eye, and how no one wanted it to. The seniors took it the hardest, knowing it would be the last time they would get to play for their high school. All in all, the season was another step towards what the program’s hope to be a national champion.