Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

By Dhruv Mandal, Staff Writer

The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare possesses different components of dramas that affect the overall plot. Romeo and Juliet is about a massive feud between two high class families, the Montagues and the Capulets. Even with the bad blood between their families, two children manage to fall in love. The children, Romeo and Juliet try whatever they can to endure the challenges that fate brings them and want to spend the rest of their lives together. The goal to be together becomes more challenging as the weight of Romeo’s banishment from Verona is thrown onto the shoulders’ of the young lovers. As a result of Romeo’s banishment, complications to Romeo and Juliet’s love story are added.

One of the complications brought on by the banishment of Romeo is the rapidly approaching wedding of the marriage between Juliet and Paris. The banishment of Romeo brought a great deal of pain to Juliet and causes her to become a crying, hysterical girl. Because of Juliet’s state and the recent death of Tybalt, her parents are led to believe that Tybalt’s death has caused this, and mutually decide to speed up the wedding date to stop her constant tears. With her family’s admancy for this wedding to occur, Juliet would never be able to convince them to stop the wedding. With the time changing from two days to figure out a way to be with Romeo to one day, there is even less time for Juliet to find a solution to her wedding problem. The issue first started off with the couple not being able to be together as a result of the feud. Now, the couple has an additional issue of the wedding of Paris and Juliet.

Another complication that emanates from Romeo’s banishment is when Romeo does not receive word on the plan to falsely kill off Juliet. Mantua, the city where Romeo hides, is quite a distance away from Verona. The time period itself plays a role in the slow transport system. Most messages were delivered by hand, so to travel a great distance would be mean planning letters way in advance in order for arrival time to be correct. Another issue that was prevalent in this time period was the plague that was going around. The presence of a sick individual with the plague would prevent people from going near that area. The plague’s impact is shown in Romeo and Juliet. Friar John, the holy man who was supposed to deliver the message to Romeo says, “Where the infectious pestilence did reign, sealed up the doors, and would not let us forth, so that my speed to Mantua there was stayed” (Shakespeare V. ii. 10-12). This quotation shows how the message was not able to be delivered because the was found in the Mantua area.  Now, Romeo is unaware of the false death of Juliet. This adds a complication because the word of Juliet’s death could not reach Romeo, and with that, Romeo’s irrational nature could act in haste.

The final complication that appears from the banishment of Romeo is that Romeo is only able to get information from a source that is not interconnected with the grand scheme that Juliet and Friar Lawrence had concocted. Being allowed to live in Verona would have enabled Romeo to go and hear the plan to free Juliet from her forced marriage with Paris. As he is not allowed to step foot in Verona, he has to have a messenger to keep him updated on what is occurring in Verona. Balthazaar is able to go back to Verona and gather information about what events are taking place. The secretiveness of the plan prevents any person in Verona to know that the death of Juliet is actually false. Balthazaar’s lack of knowledge of the plan gives him the impression that Juliet is really dead and Romeo is given this information. A complication is uncovered because Romeo is given false information about his love and his irrational  nature could have him to complete death inducing activities. These activities will poke holes in the love story of Romeo and Juliet.

The overall plot of the story is greatly affected by Romeo’s banishment from Verona. The effect of the banishment is that it adds complications to the love story, which includes the pain and suffering of Juliet, Romeo being unable to receive word on the new plan, and Romeo being forced to rely on a source that is unfamiliar with the new plan concocted by Juliet and Friar Lawrence. From these points, the event of the banishment of Romeo has a major effect on the plotline of the tale of Romeo and Juliet.