What Does Freedom Mean to Me?

What Does Freedom Mean to Me?

Photo Courtesy of muslim-academy.com

Ushnaa Zaman, Staff Writer

Walking down the hallway, I glance around me.


No stares.


No shame.


No insecurity.


Why? Because I enjoy the freedom to wear whatever I choose.


I wear a headscarf in public and the reason for it is simple. In my religion, Islam, it is an obligation, but not mandatory. Wearing a headscarf is completely my decision and I don’t feel forced at all. I view it as a right, not a burden. It is a symbol of my piety and fortitude.


I genuinely do feel free when my headscarf is on me. At least in the mornings I don’t have to worry about my hair looking good! And there are many more satisfying things about a headscarf. Along with covering my hair, my clothing has to be decent as well. I don’t expose my skin, with the exception of my hands and face, nor do I put on tight clothing. With that, I’m acknowledged for my intellect and affection, and I don’t consider being valued for my looks. My peers respect me, not for my “style,” but because of my charisma.


Even though Muslims are often called as “terrorists”, I am proud of my religion. My headscarf symbolizes my faith, and I wear it with no embarrassment. People examine my personality, not my headscarf.


My headscarf sustains my modesty, my spirituality, and my integrity. It defines peace, courage, and femininity. I’m fortunate to have the liberty to wear it proudly, not having to lower my head every time I see someone.