Preface of Winter Track


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Marco Castro, Staff Writer

Over two weeks of the program has passed. Most, if not all, of the rust has fallen off of the seasoned athletes, and new faces have been introduced to the sport. With coaches like Mr. Moramarco, Mr. Miller, and Mrs. Withstandley, the true potential of all fellow athletes may be unlocked through hardwork and dedication. The very first meet is the Shore Track Coaches Association meet and it will take place on Monday December 21, 2015. With such a limited amount of time, both the athletes and coaches must focus on key exercises to improve both their speed and stamina in order to improve their overall performance at this meet.

         For the distance team, coach Miller sees that conditioning, as well as speed training are the of the utmost importance in a runner. Starting the season, he did not ease up on the workouts. He felt it necessary to train the participants of the sport quickly because he knows better than anyone else that there are those in other schools who are training to become better than our own athletes. Miller has the distance athletes running for a set amount of time, in order to improve a the runners’ endurance, but from time to time, Miller has Mrs. Withstandley come in to train these athletes. Being a distance runner herself, she knows the key areas where the distance runners must improve upon in order to become better at their events. By understanding that distance runs may decrease the top speed in a runner, she utilizes sprint exercises to have the runners’ top speed maintained throughout the distance workouts. By improving the distance runners’ overall physical abilities, coaches Miller and Withstandley are able to prepare each individual for the upcoming weeks.

         Sprinting can best be described as explosive. A runner essentially explodes from the start to a continuous burst of energy until the finish line. That is what every sprinter is capable of, but to what extent is what training is able to accomplish. Coach Moramarco is someone who pushes his athletes to their very limit and then has to surpass that limit to have them improve. He utilizes sprint drills to gauge a runner’s capacity for speed and creates exercises to develop a runner’s physical ability. By limiting the time for rest for every sprinter, Moramarco effectively pushes the body to new levels of speed and endurance. The sprinters have to push themselves through the pain and exhaustion to be ready for the upcoming competition, because there those from nearby schools who push themselves just as much as our own athletes.

         Every individual runner has shown growth from the start of the season because of the guidance of the coaches and their individual efforts. The strengths and weaknesses of each runner is different, but they have been fixed or improved upon with the training from the season leading up to this upcoming meet. Freehold Borough High School has done well to prepare itself in the face of opposing schools, but ultimately the results will come from each runner’s willpower and strength.