What is it like to be an athlete? Tara McDonald


Photo Courtesy of www.wilsonpost.com

By Samantha Mistretta, Editor

Tara McDonald is a sophomore on the varsity volleyball team. She has been on the varsity team for two years now, and tackles even more sports outside of school. Tara has been playing soccer for over a decade and is on a travel team under the Wildcat Academy. Tara also plays at a volleyball club outside of school, as well as playing on a national team (basically the highest level for a given club and a given age group) that travels, too. Along with the stress of games and practices, Tara is in the Med Sci program and has a larger workload than most students, making her participation in sports even more amazing.



“Competitiveness and the high you get when you are sprinting down the field in soccer, or slamming the ball to the floor in volleyball. I’m a very competitive person by nature and I just always want to get better and faster and stronger. I’m passionate about the sport I play, especially volleyball, and I always find my mistakes. So, when I have the perfect hit or dig in volleyball I get a rush, because I know all the work I put in pays off. There are so many things I love but I think that is the best part.

One of the most stressful things is lack of time. I get a lot of homework being in Med Sci, and balancing going to practices for three to four hours on some nights and getting homework done as well, without passing out from sleep deprivation, is difficult to say the least.

My favorite thing about being on a team is that you get so close with your teammates. You start out as a bunch of girls with a common interest and you turn into something that is almost indescribable. My teammates are trustworthy and loyal, and you just get so close to each other during the season.

One thing I would change is never getting out of shape. It’s so easy to fall into bad habits and get out of shape, so it’s a constant cycle of work that has to be put in, in order to be at the top of your game.”