Facing a Fear

Facing a Fear

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By Samantha Mistretta, Editor

Fear controls us. It controls our actions and our emotions. Fear holds so much power over us, and sometimes it takes facing a fear to notice. Back in October, I faced one of my biggest fears. After doing so, I realized all of the opportunities I have missed. Growing up, following in the footsteps of my father, I feared rides of all sorts. Whether it was the spinning teacups or Kingda Ka, if it moved, I didn’t like it. I have countless memories of going to Great Adventure and waiting in lines, to just walk by the seats as everyone else loaded on. I remember multiple vacations of temper tantrums and demanding to be taken back to the hotel because I was never having any fun. My friends and family were always getting annoyed when I wouldn’t ride but slowly I began getting on small rides and building up the courage for bigger ones. Even though I was slowly adapting to rides, no matter the circumstance, roller coasters were never an option. NEVER. They terrified me. I’m not going to lie, some still do. But ever since October, my fear has subsided.

   On October 23rd, 2015 I conquered my fear. I got on my first roller coaster. I went to Great Adventure with my best friends for Fright Fest, and little did I know the zombies and clowns wouldn’t be the thing to really scare me that night. For many years, my friends have been persistently trying to get me on a roller coaster. And that cold October night took my certain no and turned it into a hesitant yes.

   As soon as that yes left my mouth I was being dragged across the park to get in line for Nitro. My friends were constantly having to reassure me that I wouldn’t die, as well as the guys in line behind us. I continued to question if it was safe and slowly moved further up in line. As time moved on, it was finally our time to ride. Forcefully I was pushed into the seat and my friends locked me in. There was no going back. The ride slowly began to move and my heart began racing a mile a minute. The ride began climbing and climbing. I could see so much of the park, and it seemed like we were higher than a nearby water tower. I was scared out of my mind. But as we approached the peak, I looked out over the park to realize how beautiful the view was. Then I released the most terrifying scream ever. I felt as if I was dropping at a 90-degree angle just to be shot right back up another hill. My screams of terror soon turned into screams of excitement, as the adrenaline rushed through my body. As the excitement hit me I realized how many opportunities I have missed, but how many new ones I will be able to take advantage of.

   I wasted a good 8 years of not going on rides. So many summers, spring breaks, and vacations, but this summer will be a different one. Don’t allow your fears to hold so much power over you. For all you know you may truly love what you fear. Take whatever opportunity you can to face your fears because it lifts a huge weight off of your shoulders, and frees you from so many emotions. Fears are powerful, but if you face them you hold all of the strength. I encourage you to face one of your fears because it may change your life, like riding a roller coaster changed mine.