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By Marco Castro, Staff Writer

For this upcoming Valentine’s Day, some may ask, “What should I do with my significant other this weekend?” The answer is quite simple. Take anyone you desire to the most hyped movie of year, Deadpool.

         The main protagonist of the movie is an anti-hero called Deadpool from the Marvel comic books. Being somewhat silly and unpredictable, Deadpool is one of, if not the most unique, characters in the Marvel series. This description of Deadpool has been perfected by Ryan Reynolds, who shows the extent of Deadpool’s skill and stupidity consistently throughout the movie. That lovable personality is what makes the audience so enticed by his actions. Along with being on top of the pinnacle of regenerative abilities, Reynolds is able to demonstrate a character in the most comical of ways.

         The movie’s storyline is told in retrospect until it realigns with the present to a first person perspective. Beginning with a scene of a still, shot around a battle Deadpool was currently in, the film breaks the fourth wall and begins explaining to the audience the journey he has endeavored to reach that point in time, bringing the story to show his life as an “average” person known as Wade Wilson. Being a person who works only to benefit himself, Wade rises to action only in situations which he saw fit. Soon after meeting the love his life, Wilson contracts a strain of terminal cancer, leaving his hope in an underground agency which claims that they can cure his cancer. Undergoing a series of tortuous experiments, Wilson is left as a grotesque humanoid with supreme regenerative abilities. Unable to cope with his appearance, Wilson wants his revenge against the man who changed his life for worse.

         The movie’s debut was a remarkable success with its gross projected to be larger than any other Marvel movie during its first weekend. Adding a unique element to the hero genre, Deadpool’s vulgar and inappropriate actions surprisingly entices viewers to keep their eyes glued to the big screen. The co-creator of the the Deadpool comics, Rob Liefeld, described the film as “The best version of Deadpool I have ever experienced in my life.”