Mrs. Walkiewicz

By Emma Daly

Screen-Shot-2016-02-17-at-9.13.03-PMPhoto Courtesy of Emma Daly
“My name is Mrs. Walkiewicz, I teach geometry and college algebra, and I went Colts Neck high school. I cheered in high school.  It was my sophomore year, and it was basketball season. It was Colts Neck high school versus St. John Vianney high school in boy’s basketball. A sophomore key player on our team was playing against his senior brother on SJV. We were the underdog; it was a very close game the whole way. The gym was packed and the crowd was loud and intense. A freshman on our team hit a 3- pointer to send the game into overtime, and then we won in overtime! It was the most exciting game I remember and my favorite memory from high school.”