Deepwater Horizon: A Review

Deepwater Horizon: A Review

Janelle Hart, Staff Writer

As an avid movie-watcher, I have a hard time discussing the movies that impact me the most because words can’t describe the types of feelings that stir through me after I watch them. Deepwater Horizon was one of those movies. Now, I don’t usually watch historically-based movies or movies based on true stories, unless I’m in school, due to the fact that I am a writer and like realistic fiction more than non-fiction. But, this movie – this movie was something that could not be written by a creative mind; it was something so tragic, something that makes you thankful to be where you are, wherever you are. It is simply life changing.

Not many people understand what happened on the day that Deepwater Horizon blew up in flames, they just know that it happened. This movie fits all the pieces together that led up to this horrific event, making the audience sit at the edge of their seats, waiting for that moment where everything turns into that nightmare. Not only did Deepwater Horizon effortlessly portray the very real, very raw situation surrounding the destruction of the largest oil rig in the U.S. at the time, but it exposed the current societal situation where money causes greed and greed causes mistakes and mistakes cause devastation, that devastation being the largest oil spill in history. And it’s one thing to hear that phrase on the news, but it’s a totally different thing when you are experiencing it in the movie theater – because that’s what this movie did for you. It put you in the position where everything was so realistic that you felt like you were on that oilrig and watching as it burnt down.

One of the many ways in which this movie was successful was the acting. You have new, young actors, like Gina Rodriguez and Dylan O’Brien and then you have old but gold actors, like Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell and John Malkovich. Together, they are able to grip the audience by doing outstanding performances that depict the honest emotions of the characters. You are there with them when they are getting ready for work, you are there with them when they fly out to that oilrig, and you are there with them when that oilrig spills. Especially Malkovich – that man deserves the highest of awards. His performance in Deepwater Horizon was unimaginable; my sincerest praise goes out to him.

Let’s not forget about the set and effects, though. After I watched the movie in theaters, I was watching all kinds of interviews and videos of the making of Deepwater Horizon because I was so shaken by the way it was filmed. Unsurprisingly, I’d come to find out that the entire set was made from scratch and real, blazing fire was used as well. And this was one of the components that was so striking – anyone can add fire to a screen using some sort of computer programming, but these actors performed on a huge set (about 85% as big as the real oilrig) with hot fire in every direction, creating an overall beautiful movie.

My advice to anyone who is debating on seeing Deepwater Horizon or hasn’t seen it yet, maybe hasn’t even heard of it: see this brilliant movie. It will tug at your heartstrings, create a world of suspense and leave you absolutely at a loss for words.