Our Life Decision

Our Life Decision

Diana Sandoval, Staff Writer

All your life you have been guided by people that have set you on a path that will shape your future, whether it happened to become a path you’ve come to love or desperately try to escape. Years pass by and you are confronted by making the most important decision that you will make personally and there is no going back. There can only be regret afterwards.

How are you expected to make a decision like that during your last years of high school when you have no idea what to do? Especially if you’ve done nothing up to this point? A few dodge confrontation and drop out of high school without hesitation. But for those who drop out, does that mean you’re satisfied with your decision? Once you leave, can you proudly say you have made the right decision? If so, what were the results?

For those who will stay all four years of high school, what will you do anyway? Some of the students I have seen are in programs that will help them get a headstart of  what they want to do later on as they get older. But for the rest of us, what are we doing? Are you just that careless or unmotivated when it comes to your future? Of course, not all are but a few. Public schools officials offer us basic knowledge that we don’t necessarily consider as important in our opinion. Sure, from the start we were taught various things we did not know beforehand, but now it becomes boring hearing similar lectures year after year with a little bit of new information that covers from the year before. If your only reason to come to school is simply because you’re supposed to then, what are you doing at all?

Finding a passion often leads us to our career choice that involves what we like but we face doubt that this path we’re heading into feels like a mistake. Many thoughts come to mind when choosing a career path. We think if this path will be able to keep us financially stable or we will have lots of money in no time, but you’re just thinking about money at this point. You can easily choose a job with the best salary, and with the best benefits, but what isn’t easy is staying committed to the job when it isn’t something you like to do. Maybe you can handle it, you are earning a lot of money after all. And if you actually discover that desired job you always wanted to do, then go for it even if it is something minor, you can build something out of there. It is our life decision that will lead us to great success and failure in the long term.