Spotlight on Mrs. Dow


Photo Courtesy of Samantha Mistretta

By Samantha Mistretta, Editor

Each week, the staff of The Colonial features a “Human of Boro.” Here is what our very own Mrs. Dow had to say when we asked her why she decided to become a vice-principal:

“For me, I actually.. I started out, well all assistant principals start out as classroom teachers. So I initially decided to go into education, because I like, I’m corny I like learning. Um and actually the way my mind works I can sometimes, actually more times than not, learn things that are kind of difficult for other people. So, I was a chemistry major. Not everybody is a fan of chemistry. Me, I love chemistry, I love math too. But chemistry I like because it is more application and math. Because I am able to learn things that are sometimes difficult for others, I enjoy helping other people…learn those things too. So that’s what made me go into education. And then, my original dream job was, oh I want to be a superintendent. I actually thought about that when I was in high school, and so then I set my goal. I’m going to be a teacher, then I’m going to teach. Then I got my masters, and now I said okay, I’m going to become an administrator. I started out as a science supervisor for a district, because, like I said I like learning, and I like science. But when I became a district supervisor I was in charge of kids K-12, kindergarten all the way through high school was my job. But the thing was, it was so far removed from the kids. As a district supervisor I didn’t have the opportunity to interact with the kids…and I missed it. So, I said I wanted to go back into the building, which is what we say when we come back to a school. And so I looked for a job and I don’t live far from here, and I saw an opportunity with Freehold Regional and I applied, and I got the job. I love being apart of the Boro and I love working with you guys. You guys are funny, you have personality. So when I think when I’m getting ready, and I’m coming to work in the morning there is a joy that I have. Not so much being an assistant principal the way that it is here, I spend a great deal of time…I’m the disciplinarian, I’m the bad parent so to speak, I have to suspend and give detentions, and stuff like that. But it’s not like “Oh I’m going to become the assistant principal so I can suspend kids,” it’s more I enjoy being an assistant principal because I am now helping young adults navigate and understand how to navigate conflict and navigate making different decisions that are very mature decisions to help them be successful in life. So where, I deem myself as being successful, and so if I can help my kids here be successful that’s very rewarding to me. So it started out where I really liked helping people understand complex concepts like chemistry, now it’s a matter of I really enjoy helping young people understand complex concepts, like being an adult in the world, and being able to advocate for yourself, and being able to resolve a conflict, and understanding that sure it’s great to be right…but it’s better to be effective. So how can you take a situation and not so much worry about who’s right and who’s wrong, but make sure everybody wins. So that’s why I decided to become an assistant principal.”