By Rachel Fiorito, Staff Writer

Society tells us this and that

Things we can’t do and things we can

Who to be

What to do

What to wear

How to feel

These standards need to be broken.

They tear young lives apart.

People are afraid to be themselves.

Afraid to dream of careers,

Afraid to wear their favorite clothes,

Afraid to show how they feel.

From a young ageā€¦

Girls are told to be pretty, feminine women.

Boys are told to be strong, masculine men.

Girls are told they can’t do certain things.

Boys are told they can do anything.

Girls are told to wear dainty clothes.

Boys are told to wear jerseys and t-shirts.

These boundaries and social standards,

They are being broken down.

Little by little.

Soon enough

Everyone will be equal and can be themselves.

Anyone can do anything they set their mind to.

Anyone can wear anything they want to.

Anyone can feel anyway they want.

We’re all human.

And if we look at things like that,

We’re all the same.

We are all equal,

And we were not meant to be divided like this.

These awful standards. Tearing us apart.