Gone Girl: A Review

Dayna Tran, Staff Writer

goneAn intriguing fictional thriller written by Gillian Flynn, this novel tells a dark and twisted tale of Nick and Amy Dunne’s marriage. On their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy suddenly disappears. Yet, Nick is surprisingly indifferent. As time passes, all evidence points to Nick as the potential murderer of his wife, but something does not add up.

This book is best served with no prior knowledge of the plot. It is an engrossing novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Flynn takes a daring approach and executes the characterization of Nick and Amy with utmost precision. She crafts the plot build-up with creativity and a witty narrative. The twist of the novel ambushes the reader and very seldom will you come across a book that finishes so well.

The downsid of this novel is how the book is written. Flynn wrote this book with Nick and Amy interchanging voices every other chapter. Nick’s point of view takes place in the past as it meets up with Amy’s. This is not every reader’s cup of tea as it may be confusing to keep the events sorted. In addition, the progression of the story is quite slow. Some may argue that this only enhances the nature of the book while other may say it detracts from the overall quality. Despite so, do not be misled by the amount of criticism given. In retrospect, this book is tailored to a very specific taste in reading, so give it a try! It is a near perfect read for this autumnal weather. Gone Girl is a book as cold as the season.