Know Your Jeans

Know Your Jeans

By Georgia Brooker, Staff Writer

Mom, boyfriend, and girlfriend oh my! When shopping for jeans it is important to not only know the types of jeans but how they fit. Jeans trends are being created every day, and new fits are becoming popular. Let’s take a look at the newest jean trends!


These staple jeans are meant to be worn slouchy and relaxed. They are often cropped and may have a few rips and tears. These loose jeans can be worn casually with sneakers or spiced up with heels. If you really want to be bold, go with patched boyfriend jeans and be ahead of the trend. Now at family reunions you can talk about that ‘boyfriend’ everyone asks you about by showing off your new jeans!


Ripped jeans are not completely new to the fashion world. However, the newest ripped styled jeans are in the knees. This upcoming trend involves jeans with holes in the knees. From little rips to rips down the legs, ripped jeans are another staple for any closet.



Making jeans your mother would wear a trend? Well you better believe it because this is happening! Mom jeans are easily identified but their very high waist. They not too loose or too tight. You won’t look like a ‘soccer mom’ in these trendy jeans.

Photograph by Emily Obrien


Girlfriend jeans are a more flattering jean than baggier boyfriend jeans but are similarly cropped. They lay slightly above the waist and are more structured than boyfriend jeans, with straight legs.


This trend is one I have really been liking. It is not very popular but I feel it will take off soon. These jeans come in many styles and fits. and all include patches on the denim. It can be fun to own a bold item to wear, and  you will definitely be a trendsetter strutting down the hallways!