By Ushnaa Zaman, Editor

I walked into my first period class on a Monday morning, dreading what was about to come to me. Another rotten start to a cringe-worthy week of school, I thought to myself. Letting out a sigh of despair, I put my bag next to my desk and sat down in my seat.

“How was your weekend?” one of my friends asked me.

“Busy. My whole weekend consisted of only doing homework, pretty much,” I replied.

“Ugh, same here. Teachers just don’t know when to stop.”


When class started, I didn’t really feel the unpleasantness that I was expecting to feel. In fact, I enjoyed all of my classes, where I bonded with my teachers and classmates. I especially loved my lunch period, where I always sat with my three best friends and talked about whatever our hearts desired, since there wasn’t a teacher that was always hovering over our shoulders.

On the bus ride home from school, I realized that school wasn’t so bad as I always perceived it to be. It was a fun experience where I got to learn more things to add to my knowledge.

After returning home and freshening up, I finally sat on my bed and opened my books. It was then that I remembered all the homework I received from all of my classes. So this is the reason why I hate school so much.

I am not trying to point any fingers at any teachers or subjects in specific. Honestly speaking, I don’t have any particularl teachers that give  a lot of homework. It’s just that, when you add up all the homework you get in one day, it’s a lot. Like, a lot.

I am not saying that teachers should give less homework, I’m just saying that we should have specific days where we get homework for one subject, then make it due the next day we get homework for that subject. I believe it will be very effective in the sense that students will be content and more determined to do their work.