By Gabby Reznick, Staff Writer

Opinions can define people, but simultaneously, having opinions can cause many issues.  Why do people argue and fight?  It is because they disagree with each other.  And what causes them to disagree?  A difference of opinion.  Opinionated people tend to get into more conflict because they cannot seem to agree with anyone.  But while opinions may cause issues in people’s’ personal lives, at the end of the day, opinions drive the making of all decisions, and without opinions the whole human race would be stuck in a deadlock.

Opinions can be incredibly inconvenient.  For example, you are trying to decide on somewhere to go with your friend, but you like different things.  In your opinion, you should go see a movie, but in your friend’s opinion you should go to an amusement park.  Your friend loves roller coasters and thinks they are a lot of fun, but you think that riding a roller coaster is a terrifying, death-defying experience.  You like going to the movies because you can both enjoy doing something together without actually having to interact, but your friend has a short attention span and thinks that movies are too boring and predictable, and tries to talk to you the whole time, getting on your nerves.  So, what do you do?  Your opinions are getting in the way of you being able to do anything together.

Where you go to hang out with your friends is between you and them, but no matter what you decide to do, it is driven by opinions.  Every action ever made by humans was and is driven by opinion.  What you eat for dinner?  You like healthier options, so you eat homemade pasta instead of eating takeout.  What career you end up in?  You think writing is fun, so you become a journalist.  Scientific advancement?  People interested in science were and are of the opinion that there is more to be discovered, and what is yet to be discovered can make the world we live in better, so they do all kinds of experiments and develop all kinds of new treatments for many different things.  American independence from Great Britain?  The colonists were of the opinion that British government was not treating them well.  Voting for Trump or Hillary?  A dangerously large number of opinions go into that one.

So while it may sometimes be easier to say you agree with your friend even when you do not, it is important to always have an opinion, and not be afraid to voice it.  Where would we be today if people like Martin Luther King Jr. decided not to voice their opinions because many people opposed them?  In order for the human race to continue to move forward, people need to voice their opinions.  So, be opinionated.  You never know what you may accomplish by telling people what you think.