Cool Whip© or Whipped Cream?


By Samantha Mistretta, Editor

The definition of a topping is a layer of food poured or spread over a base of a different type of food to add flavor. There are two toppings that I want to narrow in on, Cool Whip© and whipped cream. They are very similar, yet extremely different.

One day while in class, myself and a few other classmates somehow managed to get onto the topic of toppings for food, which soon branched off into the specifics of Cool Whip© and whipped cream. This topic very quickly turned into a debate about which topping was better, whipped cream, or Cool Whip©?

To my surprise a decent amount of people had never tasted Cool Whip©, or did not know what is was. So for the people who do not know what it is, here’s some information:

Cool Whip©: A whipped topping that is typically frozen and thawed for use. It can be found in the freezer aisle of the grocery store. Comes in a round plastic tub/container, normally dished out with a spoon.

Just for comparison, here’s some information on whipped cream:

Whipped Cream:  A whipped topping that is refrigerated. Can be found in the dairy section of the grocery store. Comes in a can, which you shake and press the nozzle to dish it out.

Hopefully you know what whipped cream is, but if you don’t no big deal, now you know.

To continue with the views on whipped cream and Cool Whip© my class debated this topic heavily, but I also brought the debate home with me, where my family got involved. The majority of my classmates are whipped cream supporters, but there are a few students that strongly support Cool Whip© as the better topping. My father is also a strong supporter for Cool Whip©, where as my mom, sister, grandmother, and myself prefer whipped cream.

My father was so invested in this debate, that he purchased both whipped cream, and Cool Whip© to do a taste test. The results were unchanged for my family members, but I will say that my dislike for Cool Whip© has lessened.

To top the debate off I also ran a Twitter poll, where I asked which was better. I received a total of 41 votes, where 66% voted whipped cream, and 34% voted Cool Whip©


Overall I found that most people prefer whipped cream over Cool Whip©, but there are still a lot of people who would choose Cool Whip© over whipped cream.

So which do you prefer, Cool Whip© or Whipped Cream?