Top 10 Wanted Christmas Gifts Of 2016

Top 10 Wanted Christmas Gifts Of 2016

Georgia Brooker, Staff Writer


  1. iPhone 7

Everyone is always ready to get a new phone, and this Christmas the iPhone 7 is available, which will most definitely be on everyone’s Christmas list. A new phone is perfect for the techy in your life, or anyone else because who wouldn’t love the newest smartphone?

  1. Drones

Modern technology has moved into toys. These quad copters, equipped with cameras, can fly far distances while capturing high quality photos and videos.

  1. PS4 Pro

The newest PlayStation is one of the hottest consoles for video games this season. With new software and higher quality gaming, this console is a hit this holiday season.

  1. Xbox One S

The Xbox One S is the most advanced Xbox to date. It is desired by all who love to play video games and anyone looking for the next best thing.

  1. Kylie Cosmetics

For the makeup lovers in your life, Kylie cosmetics are the new obsession. From her lip kits and kyliners to the newest eyeshadow palettes, these makeup products would be adored by any makeup lover.

  1. Chokers

Chokers have become a fashion staple for many. With hundreds of designs and styles, these short necklaces are sure to please.

  1. Over the Knee Boots

These in-trend boots go high up your leg and are very fashionable. For the trend setter in your life, these boots are the gift to get.

  1. Hatchimals

For the younger ones in your life, these self hatching animals are the most wanted gift of 2016. Hatchimals are interactive, reacting to touch and care. After hatching on their own, this tech toy becomes an animal that kids can love and play. They are often hard to find due to high demand so hurry up and grab the hottest item of the season!

9.) Trolls Toys

The new kids movie Trolls recently premiered and these toys are everywhere! Any child would love one of these toys.

10.) Pokémon Toys

From trading cards to action figures, ever since the Pokémon Go app, children have gone back to loving all things Pokémon.