Rogue One: A Spoiler-Free Review

Rogue One: A Spoiler-Free Review

Karina Ohri, Staff Writer

“Save the rebellion, save the dream.”

The question was, could Rogue One: A Star Wars Story save the dream? Could it present a gorgeous, emotional movie that could do  justice to the Star Wars Franchise?

Yes. Absolutely yes.

Rogue One is heartbreaking. It will grip you, drag you in to be hanging on to every word of the dialogue. It will make you gasp, laugh, cheer, cry, and smile. I feel humbled after watching the movie. Not only was it easily the most beautiful Star Wars movie, it made me the most emotional of any movie I’ve watched. Bring your tissues, because this movie is an emotional rollercoaster. The plot is simple enough to understand- leading directly into A New Hope, we see a band of rebels attempt to steal the Death Star plans in an effort to take down the tyrannical Empire. However, darkness lurks beneath the surface. We see the gray area of the rebels- we see the usual rebels, fighting for the cause, but then we also see the radicals- the extremists arguably as ruthless as the imperials. A quote from the movie (which was later cut) sums it up nicely: “If you continue to fight, what will you become?” Throughout the movie, the main character Jyn Erso and her friends struggle with this question, and another: what are you willing to lose for the rebellion?

On a happier note, returning Star Wars fans will smile upon seeing the many cameos and easter eggs that appear throughout Rogue One. The movie does possess a sprinkling of humor, and some returning characters will make an appearance. As seen in the trailers, Darth Vader does make an appearance, voiced by the legendary James Earl Jones in his reprising role. And Darth Vader is a powerful presence in this movie- his screentime is minimal, yet effective. Felicity Jones is another brilliant casting choice by the directors; you sense her struggle, her hesitance, her stubborn defiance. She isn’t immediately trusted- she’s been hardened by having to live while the Empire is in power.

Which brings us to the final point. Rogue One is not a movie for the fainthearted. It’s tragic, and heartbreaking, and you’ll feel the need to desensitize yourself to everything that occurs, but at the same time you can’t, because you feel for the characters. You feel their pain, and fear, and experience the horror they feel. You want them to resist the Empire in any way they can. You will trust them and pray for them, and so you can’t desensitize yourself because you’ve already grown attached to the characters. I loved this movie and after much debate have decided to award it a ten. Never have I cared so much or felt so much in two hours and eighteen minutes. Go and see this movie, because it’s so much more than just a film. It’s an experience. It shows the struggle for freedom.