The Best Movies to Watch Over Winter Break 2016

The Best Movies to Watch Over Winter Break 2016

By Janelle Hart, Staff Writer

When it comes time for the holiday season, I find myself extremely anxious for movies to come out in theaters. Why? Because December is the month for some of the best movies of the year to make their debut. With the Oscars in February, December becomes the optimal time for movies to hit the big screen and take over the charts of the year. And great movies combined with the holidays create a relaxing winter break. Here are the most anticipated movies of December (by genre):

Romance – La La Land

Sci-Fi – Rogue I: A Star Wars Story, Passengers

Action – Assassin’s Creed

Drama – Collateral Beauty, Fences

Thriller – Patriot’s Day

Comedy – Why Him?, Office Christmas Party

Animated – Sing

This winter break, make sure to spend time with family, friends and loved ones. Just like the holiday season, movies can bring people together, so go out to the theaters and have a happy, healthy holiday!