Spamalot Interview


By Shane Garry and Beverly Yow

Every year, Freehold Boro High School puts on two shows: a fall show and a spring musical. Letters To Sala set a high expectation of what our performing artists can achieve with emotional pieces, Spamalot has proven to be just as challenging. This side-splitting comedic musical is unlike any show our school has put on before, with jokes ranging from slapstick comedy, to drawn-out gags. All of which are sure to make you laugh your socks off. In addition to well timed jokes, Spamalot showcases tons of singing and dancing. This show is tough to perform as it requires vocal and choreographic talent, the likes of which are very demanding for our Dramatic Arts Club members.


I spoke to the leading lady, Katie McCarty, in order to see what the hardest part of the show is for her. “The fact that it’s a comedy makes it harder, because the jokes have to land.”


The performers are not scared of the challenges this show provides. They are ready to face these obstacles head on.


I also sat down with the leading man, Joe Verni, to see how he perseveres: “I’ve always loved Monty Python. Since I was kid, Holy Grail was my favorite movie, it shaped my sense of humor.”


Of course, these two leads know that a show is only as good as the ensemble. They stated just how much they wanted to help their cast mates with the show, and how the show helps their own self:


“I’m trying to lighten up the practice.” – Katie McCarty


“Yeah, it opens up the room for creativity, where we find the best comedy” – Joe Verni


The Drama Club is providing a new service by offering ticket purchase online. This is a great way to ensure seating at the very popular show. This option allows you to pay by credit card. To access the service, you can go to Ms. Sweeney’s teacher website and click on the appropriate link. Be sure to get your tickets early for a spot at the hottest comedy to hit our school! Performances are Friday, March 17th at 7 pm and Saturday, March 18th at 1 pm and 7 pm.


It is clear that the Drama Club is ready for the show, but are you?