Spamalot Review


By Mark Costanzo, Staff Writer

On March 17th and 18th, the Freehold High School Dramatic Arts Club performed Monty Python’s Spamalot. This performance was spectacular, it reached and exceeded all its expectations. Personally, I saw the show the final night and the cast was full with lively enthusiasm and charm like it was opening night. Specifically, Spamalot is a musical comedy created from the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This play, similar to the film, is a parody of the Arthurian legend which states King Arthur led the defense of Britain against Saxon invaders.

Leading off the show we are presented with an unreasonable conversation between Sir Robin(Senior: Carl Muhler) and Sir Lancelot(Sophomore: Knox Stokes). This hysterical duo of Muhler and Stokes was first paved from their roles in last year’s performance Into The Woods. While in last years show they performed passionate odes, this year they very casually enriched the show with the recognizable Monty Python humor. Next, King Arthur(Senior Joseph Verni) is established within this opening conversation. Verni playing his first ever lead role, presented a proud and confident demeanor while, as well, adding to the drowning humor within the show.

Farther into the show, the audience was introduced to more characters including Patsy “the horse’s ass”(Junior: Erin Obermayer), Sir Galahad(Junior JT Stokes), and Sir Bedevere(Junior: Avery Kaplan.). These roles were adapted to exceptionally by the cast and were key to pivotal moments in the performance.

After the show I was able to speak with a couple cast members, gaining their insight about the performances. Speaking to Junior Erin Obermayer, who played Patsy, I was able to ask her what she felt was the most difficult aspect of this play. “ Behind the scenes was crazy and there were some quick changes so we all had to work together to figure out who helped with what. This was key to getting everyone on stage on time. It was all about teamwork really.” Later knowing that on each side of the stage there is only about 5 feet of space this statement deserved more acknowledgment and respect. Also speaking with sophomore Bridget Farrow, who played numerous roles including Not dead Fred and a Laker girl, I asked her how her role as a minor and frequently displayed character she felt affects the performance. “ I feel that it at times adds comic relief and helps to support the main role in certain scenes.”

Not only the cast members on stage in this show were awarded for its success. The pit orchestra was phenomenal and at times I thought the musical soundtrack was playing from a recording. The stage set was simple yet embodied each scene and allowed for fluid actions of the cast. The lights crew did a great job with displaying the emotion and atmosphere of the scene. Mrs. Sweeney, the director of the play, did a spectacular job which paid off from practices starting in December. Along with all the other choreographers, costume designers, and technical designers whose work all contributed to create this puzzle of a musical comedy. One thing that this production of Monty Python’s Spamalot did not fail to do was keep a grin off the audience’s face. Induced with comedy in just about every scene, the play created an atmosphere which could only be translated by sitting and absorbing that amazing show put on by the FHS DAC.