Colts Neck Close, But No Cigar


Christian Milano, Staff Writer

Senior Day at Colts Neck meant the Boro was coming to town. Freehold’s offense put 35 points up, but the defense allowed 4 touchdowns, the most Colts Neck scored all season.

Colts Neck chose to receive at the beginning of the game, the series was short. Freehold’s defense shut down the Colts and they were forced to punt away, which they were unable to do. The Colts first two punts of the game were unsuccessful. The snaps were both high and caused the punter to be sacked on both occasions.

Freehold took over at Colts Neck’s own 30 and scored a quick Ashante Worthy to Matt Krauss touchdown. The PAT was good.

Soon after, the Colts answered back with their own passing touchdown but unsuccessfully converted two points. Before the end of the first quarter, Worthy ran in a touchdown for himself.

Going into the second quarter the Colonials led 14-6. After Colts Neck scored a touchdown and sacked Worthy in the endzone for a safety, the game was all tied up at 14. This was a wake up call for the Boro who, well, should not have been struggling against the Colts offense or defense.  Matt Krauss, a top wide receiver and safety on defense is also the motivator on the sidelines. Krauss pumped up his team, “You guys want to be a playoff team? You guys want to go to states? Never going to get there playing like this.” These words before a Freehold timeout worked, at least for Yahson Calhoun who took a kickoff and turned it into a touchdown.

After a Worthy interception, the Boro was unable to put extra cushion on their lead before heading into the locker room. Only leading by seven at the start of the first half.

The Boro started off the second half the right way with a 30 yard passing touchdown to Krauss.

Colts Neck, with the ball back in their possession were on and off the field after a solid defensive blocked pass by Tyler Gold, and an interception by the freshman Ahmad Dixon.    

After a Worthy fumble and Colts Neck recovery, the Colts trailed by 8 going into the fourth quarter.

Into the fourth Colts Neck tied the game at 28, the 2 point conversion was successful.

The drive after, Worthy miraculously resurrected from a pile of defenders and linemen and ran the ball into the endzone- a 53 yard touchdown. The star running back turned quarterback was asked by Coach Ellis to come back on the field for Colts Neck last chance at tying the game up. Like an ending to a movie, Worthy brought in the interception and sat on the ball for the remainder of the game.

Like they say, a win’s a win. Although the Colonials had higher expectations going into the game, it taught the team that you have to play to win. Colts Neck deserves applause in scoring 28, doubling their season high points per game. Division games are always tough, no matter who the opponent, the Boro put a check in the W column as they move on to Homecoming weekend against Marlboro.