Humans of Boro: Abby Williams


Donia Osman, Staff Writer

“My name is Abby Williams and I am junior at Freehold High School in the Culinary Arts Academy. I am on the school’s field hockey team as well as the track team during the winter and spring seasons. I plan on continuing my athletic career in college, where I hope to play at an academically well off D3 school. With the love I have of sports, along with what I have learned about food throughout the culinary program, I would like to study nutrition in college and one day become a sports nutritionist!”

“Freehold Boro High School has been such a great experience for me, that I wouldn’t change a thing. Coming from Howell freshman year, I didn’t know anybody and within a few short weeks, I met so many great people that I am proud to call my closest friends today. I have had great teachers and coaches that have all pushed me to the point where I could not be any more grateful. Freehold Boro has rewarded me with so much I couldn’t possibly change a thing!”

“As a junior my advice for any incoming freshman would be to just be yourself and do not be intimidated by the school or by your peers. It may seem scary on your first day, but just think everybody had to start in that position too, so you’re not in the boat alone. Put yourself out there and join clubs and try out for sports teams, you only have 4 years and they fly by so fast, so make the most of it while you can!”

“I will never forget that in my sophomore year we won the state sectional finals for field hockey. After a full regulation game and then 2 overtimes, the team went into sudden death strokes. We ended up winning and everybody rushed onto the field piling on top of one another, chanting loud and proud. The next day the team rode down Main Street with fire trucks as the town gathered to watch. I will never forget that day, as it is an unforgettable memory that Freehold Boro High School has offered me.”

 “The road to finals itself is fun. It’s full of many exciting games that make or break the team. The week in between regular season and postseason is where the tough practices come into play. That week was pretty tiring because it consisted of conditioning every day, but as a team, we knew it would only make us better so we all ran together and were pushing each other to the max. All our hard work was in hopes we would make it to the finals, which we did! Through my experience of playing school and travel field hockey, I have not only learned how to enhance my play, but I have also learned so many life lessons I can take with me throughout the rest of my life. I have learned to never to give up. I have learned to take constructive criticism correctly. I have learned how to be the best athlete and person I can be. For all these lessons I have to thank my family, friends, and all past and present coaches for allowing me the opportunity to do so.”