Study Hacks

Struggling to prepare for a big exam? Here are some study hacks!

Study Hacks

Nicholas Polimeni, Staff Writer

Mix study sessions with sensory cues.

Ever hear someone claim they could learn by listening to audio while asleep? Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple (sorry to let you down). However, a study by Northwestern University found tying auditory and sensory cues, such as smell to study sessions and having these cues present later during sleep can help strengthen your memory of the material you had studied that day. Just make sure your audio isn’t distracting you or interrupting your sleep!


Exercise before studying or before an exam.

Participating in light exercise a few minutes before a study session or your exam can help calm you and increases blood flow and activity within the brain, leading to better test performance and memory recall! Additionally, you get to lose a few calories!


Take a practice test.

Teachers get lazy sometimes. If you have a textbook, use it! On most tests, you’ll find at least a few questions that are almost the same as those in the section review. Furthermore, practice tests are proven to increase confidence and show you which topics you need to study a bit more.


Change it up.

While you might want to hide away in your room all day before a big exam, memory retention improves when you vary where you study. So go outside and get some fresh air during your next study session.


Keep it simple.

Reading fifty pages the night before an exam can jumble a bunch of small irrelevant details in your head. Try to write everything you think is important on an index card. If it doesn’t fit, don’t focus on it.


Write the most important things on your test when you start.

Keep a list of the most important topics or formulas in your head and write it down at the top of your test right when you start, which helps prevent confusing details or forgetting the most crucial part of the test.


Don’t panic!

Okay, this one is a bit obvious, but somehow people forget it. Everyone has a bad day, if you think you’re going to do terribly on a test, it’s okay, there’ll be another one soon. If you’re just really nervous, try to write down how you’re feeling quickly to help you calm down. Just relax, do your best, and don’t get overwhelmed. It’ll be okay, seriously.