Freehold Boro Gets New Bottle Filling Stations


Nicholas Polimeni, Staff Writer

With the addition of 4 Elkay Bottle Filling Stations approximately a month ago, the amount of plastic waste produced within the school has been reduced by a staggering 5827 bottles. However, you may not think this number means much as those bottles would have been recycled even if they had not been reused with the help of the stations. While it is true that a majority of the school’s plastic bottles are recycled, most of these are recycled with the cap still on the bottle. Bottle caps are produced with a different type of plastic than the rest of the bottle, which most recycling services are not capable of recycling, including Freehold’s recycling service. Consequently, bottles with the cap attached are sent to the landfill instead of being recycled. Thus, these new filling stations have, in fact, had a drastic impact on the waste produced by the school. It has saved 5827 from slowly decomposing in a landfill or polluting the ocean and damaging our home. Next time you recycle your plastic bottle, make sure to dispose of the cap in the garbage to help save the Earth one bit at a time.

Moreover, New Jersey water supply in 45 towns, including Freehold Boro, has been found to have an excessive amount of contaminants which are detrimental to one’s health. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Enforcement and Compliance Department provides citizens with information about violations in a township’s water supply. According to the EPA database, Freehold Boro water has accumulated 2 violation points within the past few years. The Elkay Bottle Filling Stations eliminate these contaminants with built-in filters, preventing students and teachers from filling bottles or drinking from tap water which may contain harmful chemicals.

The entire school community has gladly utilized these new bottle filling stations to the benefit of their health and the environment. Hopefully, more small additions will soon come to benefit the school community in a way these have.