Family and Consumer Classes Offered at Freehold Boro

Donia Osman, Staff Writer

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It’s that time of year again, when every student is scrambling to figure out what classes to request for the upcoming year. Due to the overwhelming amount of career opportunities in the Family and Consumer Sciences, our school offers several classes to introduce students to different aspects of that field.


Keep reading to learn more about the Family and Consumer Science classes you may be interested in!

  • Child Development I- This interesting class, with the ability to fill the 21st Century class requirement, also offers insight into the world of children. In this class, students examine the emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development of children from birth to the age of six. If you really enjoy the class, Child Development II is also offered at our school!
  • Creative Foods/ World Cuisine-  These two half year courses are typically taken together, and offer a deeper look into the subject of food and cooking, more than Food Science and Nutrition (which could be considered more introductory). While Creative Foods holds a strong focus on food preparation, decoration, and planning, World Cuisine explores the multi-cultural aspects of food concerning the impact of geography, history, and climate.
  • Fashion Design I- In this class, which includes as much hand on activities as it does real-world knowledge, is a great starter course to learn more about the subject of fashion. Students learn the reasoning behind wearing clothing and fashion trends, how to classify articles or items of clothing, how to use a sewing machine, information on buying and caring for garments, and job opportunities in fashion. Our school also offers Fashion II, III, and Honors IV for students seeking more education on the subject!
  • Interior Design I- In Interior Design, residential and commercial architecture is studied through analysis of art, history, computers, and business. Students taking this class learn to produce technical drawings, present plans, and more. Honors Interior Design II is also offered at Freehold Boro for anyone who wants more education and experience through designing projects.
  • Living Issues For Everyone- This half year course, also known as L.I.F.E class, teaches students about personal growth, self-esteem, and the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social life stages. Covering several topics, careers, and explorations- this is one class that is beneficial to students no matter what field they choose to pursue.