Humans of Boro – Yearbook Art Department

By Renatta Ceppi, Staff Writer

Q.1. How long have you been doing Yearbook?

BM: Since September of 9th grade

DJ: Since freshman year

AA: I started my sophomore year, so this is my second year.


Q.2. What made you want to join the art dept.?

BM: I just really like to make art

DJ: Mrs. Spiers asked me to, and I love art. It inspires me to do great things.

AA: Originally I was going to do Photography but Mrs Spiers was like, “Hey we need kids in art” and I said “Okay, I can help”


Q.3. How does art make you feel?

BM: Art makes me feel some type of way

DJ: Art makes me feel amazing. Art is the Jasmine to my Aladdin. It brings me joy, life, and inspiration to my being.

AA: I love the feeling I get when I see my drawing in the yearbook and art is fun


Q.4. What’s the best part of Yearbook?

BM: The friendships you make along the way

DJ: The people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had

AA:  The Art Dept. we’re the best part.


Q.5. If you weren’t in art, what section would you be a part of?

BM: I would’ve been in photography because it’s also artistic

DJ: Sports. I love sports

AA: I would’ve been in photography


Q.6. If you had to convince someone to join Yearbook, what would you tell them?

BM: If you want to join a club that means something is, yearbook the place to go because it’s a big part of the school.

DJ: I’d tell them it’s fun. It’s so fun

AA: I would say that you should join because it’s a great community where you can make friends