5 Closet-Essentials For Guys and Girls

By Donia Osman, Staff Writer

1) A Formal Outfit

A lot of formal events suddenly pop-up like surprise birthdays, family dinners, or an unexpected upcoming school event. For girls, a formal outfit, like a dress and matching heels, is a must. This dress can be simple in colors—black, white, navy blue, grey—or an entire pattern of colors. Nevertheless, a dress ready for any elegant event should be in any girl’s closet. For guys, a tuxedo and dress shoes are basic needs in the event of an extravagant occasion.


2) A Lightweight Coat

Fall and spring cover about half of the year, where the weather is not too cold or too hot. In those cases, a winter coat or a short-sleeved shirt worn in the summer may not be appropriate for the weather. So, anyone would need a lightweight coat or sweater to wear during those seasonal transitions to prevent from getting chilly or warm. For both guys and girls, a jean jacket is a fashionable example of a lightweight jacket that goes with just about anything.


3) A Pair of Sneakers

Whether it’s for gym class, sports, or the mile you run every Saturday, a comfy pair of sneakers is a necessity. In addition, they work for more than the activities listed above: school, work, shopping, hanging out with friends—anywhere. For both guys and girls, a pair of nice sneakers is needed as a go-to shoe.


4) A Plain Black/White Article of Clothing

For girls, plain tank tops are necessary for wearing under see-through blouses or tops. For both guys and girls, plain black and plain white long-sleeved shirts are needed in case of an event or to wear under clothing.


5) A Pair of Jeans

Of all the things on this list, the most essential is probably a good pair of jeans. For both girls and guys, having a pair of jeans that are comfy, goes with all your t-shirts and tops, and fits you well is extremely important. Jeans are perfect for all types of occasions and are very popular among teenagers especially. I recommend that people who don’t have a favorite pair of jeans that they can wear with anything should buy one as soon as possible.