New Year in the Culinary Academy

Hanah Li

Now that the new 2018-2019 school year of Freehold High School has begun, a new generation of chefs has too! The Culinary Academy at FHS re-opened its Five Star Cafe doors on Thursday, October 11. The current customers are seniors, teachers, and Ms. Jewell, our principal. With the Five Star now opened and a new group of chefs to teach, the kitchen is busy and packed with working students!

Behind the scenes in the kitchen, each grade is busy with fresh minds to fill with new skills. As usual, all freshmen are taught the essential skills from Chef Zafarana herself; they learn basic knife cuts, prepare ingredients for the seniors, conduct labs, wash dishes, and much more. The sophomores are having a blast in the bake shop– creating masterpieces and art with sugar, flour, and happiness. The juniors begin their studies on hospitality management and important culinary math that will prepare them for their upcoming senior year. Seniors have their blocks occupied with various activities such as menu-planning, advising the freshmen, creating review projects, and more!

Overall, plenty of new experiences await and many activities are planned in the new year of the Culinary Academy!