Game Review: Elder Scrolls Online


Christopher Wertz, Staff Writer

I have just recently played Elder Scrolls Online. At first, I thought it would be a trainwreck because is it mass multiplayer. I was surprised to load the game and see high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay throughout. With new features such as different classes and new ways of interacting with the world, ESO creates a new encounter for beginners and experienced players alike. There is a perfect mix between old and new in ESO. Furthermore, ESO offers many different storylines each with their own set difficulty, appealing from the casual to hardcore gamer. This game is also multiplayer compatible; if you are stuck on a tough dungeon, you can invite a group of friends to help you tackle this challenge. Overall, I highly advise you to pick up a copy of this game, as it may be one of the most enjoyable game out in circulation thus far.