Pandemic Binge-Watching

Pandemic Binge-Watching

By Daniel Vazquez

It is mid 2020. We are in quarantine. The start of seeing your family way too often and not seeing your best friends for months on end. Personally, I was on my electronics for countless hours a day trying to pass time and enjoying watching movies and TV shows. I’m going to share with you my top 3 favorite TV shows that I watched throughout this entire pandemic.

#3: Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is a show about an FBI organization that tracks down serial killers and arrests them for their wrong-doings. There are five agents in the show that work in the field and physically track them down. They get tips and leads and hunt them down. There are fifteen seasons with around 20-25 episodes in each season. It is a great show if you are into mystery, suspense and action-packed shows.

#2: The Flash

The Flash deserves the #2 spot on this list. I can’t express how complicated but interesting the story line of this show is. I managed to watch all 6 seasons of this show from start to finish…4 times. Barry Allen, the “Fastest Man Alive”, is the main character in the action-packed and superhero vs. villain show. He fights off metahumans as days go on and ultimately goes head to head against this boss of the season (ex: reverse-flash, zoom, Savitar). This show has a two-sided world: a normal human side with families and jobs, and a superhero responsibility side. This show is great to get into if you like DC or Marvel.

#1: WandaVision

Lastly, my favorite show of all time is WandaVision. This show is impossible to pass up. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) really topped off their show series with this 10 episode season. Wanda, the main character, has made her own reality (with her powers) that she can control and make her dreams come to fruition. This is important because her good intentions lead to major consequences with the outside world. She grows as the show progresses and sees her mistakes and what she is doing to everyone in her vicinity. Some knowledge of the MCU is important to understand the show. However, overall the timeline in this show has an overall impact on how the show is played inside and outside of Wanda’s reality.

If you haven’t checked out these shows, I highly recommend watching them in your free time. They leave you wanting more and more. They are definitely binge-worthy. Criminal Minds and The Flash is available on Netflix and WandaVision is available on Disney+. Have fun watching!