Who is Andrew Tate and Why You Should Care


Image by Kelly via Pexels

By Olivia Metz, Staff Writer

Andrew Tate is an entrepreneur and former kickboxing champion who is rapidly gaining a large fan base by offering advice to young people on how to make money and talk to women. His so-called “advice” promotes dangerous, misogynistic, and hateful bigotry that many people (especially young boys) are adopting as their own beliefs. 

Our brains do not fully develop until our mid-twenties, and the last parts of our brains to develop are our prefrontal cortex, which controls things like empathy and reasoning. Children and teenagers are like sponges, constantly absorbing the world around them. Social media allowed the most impressionable people to fall victim to Andrew Tate’s propaganda. It is scary how many people have accepted him as a hero and a role model; they do not realize how flawed his ideas truly are. So when their role model preaches that women are property, mental health is fake, and rape victims should take responseability for their assaults, how are they to know better than to believe what they hear?

Andrew Tate has numerous sex trafficking, sexual assault, and abuse allegations and is currently the primary suspect in an ongoing human trafficking investigation. Some of the worst things he’s said include “I’m not a rapist but I like the idea of being able to do what I want”, “If you put yourself in a position to be raped you must bear some responsibility”, “Stick to the serious definitions and stop pretending normal male behavior is rape”, and so much more. Andrew Tate has made a huge impact on our generation and it is our job to end his influence and promote respect and human decency towards everyone.