Post-AP Exam: What to Expect in Class


Image by Ben Mullins via Unsplash

By Jenna Elsamman, Co-Editor

As many of you have probably heard, AP exams are among us as today marks the first of many days scheduled for Advanced Placement final exams. Months of hard work and studying have led us to this moment. Teachers here at Boro have done their best to prepare their students for these cumulative exams that include information on the entirety of their subject. 

So, what do we do after the exams? After all, we still have about two months worth of school left. But what else could they possibly have left to teach or do for the rest of the year? That is what I’m here to tell you guys today.

  • Summer Assignments

Teachers may want to give us a head start on a subject we will take next year that stems off of their current subject. For example, an AP Stats teacher may want to begin preparing us for Calculus, or an AP Lang teacher wanting to begin AP Lit. Overall, this path makes practical sense and can leave us better prepared for the upcoming school year and make good use of this extra time.


  • Student Presentations

This is a common way to use up a lot of class time as we create and plan out a presentation. It could be on something specific or something broad. This path was used by my AP Bio teacher last year who assigned us to create a presentation as a group on a specific unit. This use of time in my opinion is nice because it is something lighter than the usual AP coursework and gives us students a break or reward for a tough school year. Also we get to take creative liberties in designing a slideshow which is always fun.


  • Resuming Regular Work

Sadly, sometimes we don’t always cover all the material for an AP exam in class before the exam (believe me I know it stinks). So the teacher may want to finish any and all the units left over, even though the exam is over. This path is the least fun obviously but at the same time may benefit us in the long run as it is important we get to learn the material in full.


  • Something Fun But Related to the Subject

It is actually common that some teachers still wish to give their AP students something fun and interactive to do as the year comes to an end but still educational. For AP Bio, we got to dissect fetal pigs, in AP Stats, they get to conduct their own surveys or tests, and in AP Chem they perform enjoyable experiments. Every AP class has at least one engaging aspect that is considered fun yet technically educational. This method is a favorite of mine because usually these parts of the subject are the parts that are interesting and allow us the freedom to use what we learned in an enjoyable way!

So, which one was your favorite? Definitely have a chat with your teachers and see if they already have something planned for the rest of the year. If not, it couldn’t hurt to suggest one of these options that you think your class deserves. Lets face it, AP classes are no walk in the park. So why not finally have some fun?