The Colonial

Ethan Meng
Ethan Meng has been characterized as many things: strange, odd, and overall just weird.

However, from the right angle, flaws can become great assets, and Ethan has conveyed his rather unorthodox thoughts into his writing, which is primarily why he decided to join the newspaper club in the first place. Though his unusual wording may not be the most appropriate for a school newspaper, he strives to continue to improve. In the meantime, Ethan also spends his time drawing, playing video games, and watching anime. His favorite sport is volleyball. Lastly, as his form of motivation, Ethan treats his life as a competition, constantly striving to outplay his competitors.

Ethan Meng, Staff Writer

Mar 19, 2019
A Motion for Adventure (Story)
The student news site of Freehold High School
Ethan Meng