(Photo Courtesy of www.muthstruths.com)

Photo Courtesy of www.muthstruths.com

Ode to Nobody

January 14, 2016

There is a kid who every day,

The other kids tease and push away,

All in the hopes to make him say,

That he feels like a “Nobody.”


And if you tried looking at “Nobody” today,

He would most likely turn his head away,

Almost as if to say,

“I don’t need this anymore.”


The jeers and abuse took their toll,

The mean kids had shattered his soul,

To a point where “Nobody” believed it was their goal,

To hurt him and destroy him.


But did those kids know he was all alone,

And that Mom would not put down the Patron,

Oh if only had they actually known,

That he became “Nobody” long ago.


Or did they realize he didn’t know,

Where his father has been 10 years in a row,

After he left to get cigarettes 10 years ago,

And never gave him a call.


“Nobody” thinks that bridges are great escapes,

Respect finally earned behind police tapes,

And did you see on his wrist the faint little scrapes,

He tattooed on himself?


There’s more to “Nobody” than meets the eye,

And as the days go by and by,

Before you let those comments fly,

Realize that “Nobody” is a “Somebody” as well.


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