By Donia Osman, Staff Writer

I stand behind the tall glass window

I watch the falling snow

I can’t help but find it beautiful

Its ever-present glow

So striking against the black background

Of the midnight winter sky

Like morsels of hope in a sickness

They took me back to a simpler time

I felt elevated from the world

Like nothing else had mattered

But to make it to the tippy-top

Worries and sadness shattered

A wonderland of memories

Floated above of me

Ascending endlessly above and beyond

I couldn’t help but flee

Snow angels and snowballs

Were made with love and care

But now I remember what it felt like

To be laying right there

Laying in the snow

Neighborhood friends by my side

Laughing infectiously

Dreams of hot chocolate in mind

Every winter I’m six once more

With coat pockets full of joy and jolly

But as seasons change, life does too

I can come back to my childhood next time it’s frosty.