Fashion Show Review


By Rachel Fiorito, Staff Writer

The FCCLA fashion show was absolutely incredible! The crowd was very supportive of
all their friends and family who were modeling. It was fun to watch the show and cheer
on my friends. I encourage anyone who didn’t go this year or any in the past to check it
out in the future. Anyone with friends in the fashion show should go support them. It’s a
great time!
The first category was casual: clothes seen on a normal school day. Unsurprisingly, the
models all walked with confidence in their amazing outfits. A wide range of attire was
worn by the models. Most pairs with outstanding, coordinating outfits looked great.
The second category was spring. The models looked incredible, once again. Many
dresses and rompers were showcased by the girls. There were so many light colors!
The Freshmen newcomers looked just as great and walked with confidence among the
upperclassmen. Many incredible outfits were shown in this category.
The third category was clothing made by the fashion students in Mrs. Campbell’s class.
They all looked amazing in their pants of varying prints. The students modeled expertly
in their handmade couture!
The fourth category was formal attire. Everyone looked absolutely stunning in their
formal wear. This fashion is any clothing that is expected at events such as weddings,
proms, and school dances. Like the other categories, every model looked fantastic!