Identidad (Identity)

Identidad (Identity)

Who am I?
I am a proud Chicana
Living between two different worlds
I am a proud Mexicana and Americana
Even Though sometimes I feel stuck in the middle

Growing up hating my name
Wishing it was more like everyone else my age
But my mother raised me to not be ashamed
Yet when people mispronounced my name I was angry; say it right or don’t say it at all

Constantly being judged for my image
With my brown skin and thick hair
But I learned to love every part of me
I was able to accept myself and no longer care

Learning to speak two languages
Often getting tongue twisted
At home talking in Spanish
At school speaking in English

My culture is not a costume
People want our food and clothing but don’t want us
Either take all of us or nothing
Let me live my American dream

I am a proud Chicana
I know who I am.