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Ushnaa Zaman, Staff Writer

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Silence can speak a million words
When one cannot find the perfect ones
Whether it be to share the joys of one’s life
Or to disclose of something dreadful


You chose silence in a confusing way
One that I did not understand at first
But now, it is clear that your closed mouth
Is used to stay dull, rather than to help or hurt me


Now, I use your “technique,” so to speak
To show that indeed, I feel nothing towards you
I do not admire you, as I did once before
Nor do I despise you, as you might have thought


I hope my silence does not convey weakness
Rather the strength that you once took from me
That it shows you my heart is not a toy
And that my love is ever so powerful


This potent love could have been yours
But you chose silence over passion
And this, I respect, but remember
One cannot blossom until he learns to love

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About the Writer
Ushnaa Zaman, Editor

Ushnaa Zaman is a senior at Freehold High School. This is her fourth year writing for The Colonial, and her first year as an editor. She loves painting,...

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