Saigon Cinnamon

The words I swallow burn like Saigon cinnamon
But when you speak them
They are as sweet as apple pie.
These words are private for me
And scratch at my throat
For you, they soar and they fly.


To see you go so far
With the words I wanted to say
Pisses me off
And ruins my day


Yet I know the words you spoke
Were not true to you
They were my honest lament
My story of how I struggled and grew


You knew I would keep quiet
That’s why you targeted me first
To take my life’s story as your own
And exploit my curse


I envy your confidence
Blind but so sure
When I try to copy it
I trip
and stumble to the floor


Instead, I will use my words,
The ones you tamper with and scream
And turn them around
To take back my dream


So you can keep your sweet success,
That favored apple pie
I’ll keep my Saigon cinnamon
Burn and sting forever but won’t have to lie