The Colonial

Easy Rider Recollection

Caitlin MacCutcheon, Staff Writer

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I forgot how it ended.


I forgot what happened to Jack’s character
A whisky drinkin’,
football helmet wearin’ ,
conspiracy believen’


I forgot that the man
of the
was more
than the man with a


I forgot the open road,
The suede fringe
in mountain air
Desert air
City air.


I forgot the flag displayed
on the back of a man
who did not fit
the beliefs of those who worshipped it.


I forgot the dissatisfaction,
the isolation,
The brotherhood and love.
Love for a country that did not love them
A quest that started with the intent of a good time
That ended with no time left at all.


I remember how it ended.


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Caitlin MacCutcheon, Staff Writer

Caitlin MacCutcheon is a senior at Freehold High School. She loves music, films, art, photography, reading and writing. She enjoys writing poetry and short...

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Easy Rider Recollection