By Jocelynn Dow, Staff Writer

Yes, I am Bilingual

But not the kind you’re thinking of

I may not speak Français or Español

But I can talk in different tongues.


With the one language I can speak with my tongue

I make sure that each word is clear and fine

just so I can blend into the white lines

It helps prevent me from getting that “Black Woman Tag”,

you know,

that “Black Woman Who’s Loud and Always Nags”.

This language keeps me safe

When I’m the only girl who looks like me in a judging place.


My second language I speak with my soul

And like Español,

it has a rhythm and flow

And when I meet others who are fluent as well,

Our words just lose control

Though when this language slips,

I must admit,

It’s a bit broken,

Because this language has been rarely spoken

For I fear to

talk “too ghetto”

Or talk “too white”

When really I just want to speak one language that they like.