The Cliché of Hallmark Christmas Movies


By Hanah Li, Editor

It’s that time again.


Tune in to the Hallmark channel and you’re bound to find a never-ending list of their Christmas movies. Whether it’s July, November, or December, it’s that season where you’ll probably receive several advertisements for the new Hallmark Original movies. Like they say, “‘Tis the season!”


But what makes these films so… special? Don’t they all have the same plot?! In a nutshell, a blonde lady- either a single mother with (always) a daughter or two children, recently laid-off, ardent for or hates Christmas time (*gasps* the horror!), fresh out of a breakup, or injured- encounters or miraculously runs into (literally) a Canadian brunette-always single, hates the holidays (wow, that sounds familiar), possesses a sad backstory, a childhood friend, or works his butt off every night- and the two either hate each other until the very end where they reconcile and become a couple, or build a relationship within the 90 to 100 minutes their characters share on-screen then kiss under a light snowfall, mistletoe, or by a tree right before the ending credits. Woo! that was a lot! Oh, and don’t forget about their recycled soundtracks and Christmas songs by Frank Sinatra or Micheal Buble in every film.


So, why are these movies so repetitious? And how are these movies so successful? According to Business Insider, most of them are filmed in the summertime of Canada, includes about $2 million for budget, reuses actors and settings, and take approximately three weeks to come together. It is no surprise that the number of films produced increases each year. In 2017, the Wall Street Journal revealed that Hallmark has made a total of 136 Christmas movies since 2008.


Unless you’re an advocate for the joyous season, or just plain love bingeing predictable plot and repetitive actors, get ready to wrap yourself in a blanket, and binge-eat gingerbread cookies with milk on the side. Who needs Netflix when you can just tune into Hallmark Channel? With their successful and current program seasons such as Countdown to Christmas (2010), Miracles of Christmas (2013), and Winterfest (2016), you can watch their newest or older films 24/7!