Oh, October…


By Hanah Li, Editor

Oh, October…

It’s the season of greetings,

The perfect time for cafes to deliver pumpkin-spice aromas in the air,

The sight of golden-colored leaves falling from trees,

When the mornings are cool and the noons are hot.


Oh, October…

It’s the month where students study for their state testings,

Anxious children prepare their Halloween costumes,

Pep rallies, cheerleaders, and marching bands support their football teams

And thrills of homecomings and parades appear


Oh, October…

It’s the time where binge-watching becomes the hobby of many,

Or perhaps the occasion where surprises are performed,

When schools begin their promotions for fall sports and plays,

And when families purchase pumpkins for carvings and fun.


Oh, October…what things will you bring to us this year?