What movies and TV shows are good to watch right now?

With social distancing guidelines in mind, staying at home right now is important. Luckily tons of new TV shows and movies are arriving just in time for fall, and the classics are just a tap away. These top 4 are my personal favorites, I recommend cozying up with a warm blanket and some snacks!

The Right Stuff (Disney +)

A newer version of a classic book, the right stuff is for those who love history and science. Throughout the show we see the development of NASA, and its origins. A great show to watch if you’re fascinated with space exploration and how America’s program began.

Rebecca (Netflix)

This movie gives me all the feels. When a young women meets the man of her dreams, she goes to his estate to live with him after marrying quickly. She soon realizes that she has to live in his deceased wife’s shadow, and follow the housekeeper’s creepy instructions. I am not always someone who loves spooky movies, but this one is amazing!!! I think its a mix of romance and horror, as she realizes this amazing man is not exactly what he seemed, and neither is the estate he lives on.

Friends (HBO Max)

Although Friends may have aired two decades ago, it still gives me those warm and fuzzy feelings. I absolutely love seeing the gang tackle the same problems as I rewatch the show over and over, it gets me every time. I definitely recommend Friends if you haven’t already seen it, its the perfect way to end a long day.

Ratched (Netflix) 

If you’re a fan of scary shows like American Horror Story, this is the show for you. Sarah Paulson swindles her way to working at an esteemed psychiatric hospital, where all types of things go wrong. Through every twist and turn, you never know what’s gonna happen next!!