How Museums and Zoos are Handling Covid-19


By Avril Selah, Staff Writer

As we get to know the virus better and it takes different tolls on our everyday lives, one thing my mind wanders to is how museums–art, history, science, etc.–would go on. In museums, people tend to be packed together and in the current state of the globe with a pandemic threatening everyone’s health, that is not ideal… at all. The links posted below lead you to three gallery websites, in which you can see first hand the details of visiting these museums. After a few months of closure, these museums are coming back strong – all requiring masks and floor stickers to keep a good flow of traffic. Saying this, not all museums closed immediately when Corona started. In fact, over the summer I visited the Jenkinson’s Aquarium. Naturally, you were required to wear a mask – they also had the one way arrows aforementioned and the “social distancing” signs on the floor. What I had noticed was that the animals in the aquarium seemed to be more affected then the humans. One specific reason is the tank where you pet the stingrays – the stingrays would keep going by people and asking to be pet, but because of Corona you weren’t allowed to put your hands in the tank. A few weeks later, I had gone to the turtle back zoo and found the same predicament, as they also have a stingray pet tank – the stingrays would come by and a few would put their flippers in the air, but you also weren’t allowed to touch them.