Room of Mirrors


Photo courtesy of Luis Villasmil via Unsplash (a photo sharing site)

By Jillian Butch, Staff Writer

You’re in a room of mirrors

What is it that you do?

Do you try and hide from your reflection?

Or face what is expected of you?


What is this expectation you ask?

You see, I have already mentioned this thought to you


Two things to look through

Physical and internal being


Why is this so demeaning?

Is what I’m thinking true?


Where is this hall of mirrors?

It feels so familiar

Please make this seem clearer


It’s somewhere much closer than you think

In fact, I have already given you another hint


What part of you uses the device of thinking my dear?


This room of mirrors is your head

Better yet, your mind

And this voice you are using is a figment of your imagination


You see, I’m your reflection

Your reflection is me

I am you

And you are me


We are in unison

What you like, I like

What you don’t enjoy, I don’t enjoy

We are synced, if that is what you would like to call the condition


You can leave this room of mirrors whenever you please

If it is too overwhelming for you

Don’t be shy to put yourself at ease

Like I said, this is all just a figment of your imagination dear


So if you wish to leave this room of mirrors

Just imagine walking to the next room

And entering one that is much dearer


One filled with your memories

Or one filled with your interests

All sound pleasant to me


And since I am you

And you are me

We’ll leave this room, proud and free