They’ve Done Forgotten Me

The sun arise his mighty hand,

Spitting light across the land.

A diplomatic job has he,

Flinging light into the trees…


And then a little farther deep,

Deep down in valley shadows seeps.

Catalyzing the first birds

To harmonize, no need for words.


That sets the little rabbits moving,

Finding warming rays a-soothing.

Then coming soon, the rooster cries,

But no one opens up their eyes!


And no one’s there to watch his show,

They’re all asleep in town below.

“They’ve forgotten me,” growls he,

“They’ve done forgotten me.”


By now the sun’s high in the sky,

And glares at all the passersby.

Burning those with skin most fair,

Just to show that he’s still there.


For feeling that he stands unseen

Brings out unhealthy energy

That doesn’t weather or erode,

But bottles up and then explodes!